It’s funny how things evolve. I’ve been working on Episode 6 now for quite a long time (although in game development terms, maybe not all that long; some games take many years to make even with HUGE teams of talented people working on them with big budgets!!) and although I’ve come close to feeling like it’s ready to release, I’ve only recently just started to feel properly happy with it, and happy with where I’m heading – myself – as a games designer.

But wait. Am I a games designer? I’m not sure. My work isn’t just game-like… It’s also very story-like. I love telling stories. So… what should I call myself? Any ideas?

Anyway, I’m slowly getting my head around all of this. Game engines. Graphics. Audio. Interactivity. Stories. And best of all…. I’m doing it my way. 🙂

Early subway

This is where I first started out – my first draft of the underground subway that features strongly in Episode 6.

I’m learning fast. A year ago I wouldn’t have had a clue what a polygon was. Now? I’m using some really cool techniques that I never thought I’d be able to even remotely get my head around! In short: Episode 6 is coming on great.

Please drop me your details and I’ll let you know when it’s ready for beta testing!