I’m a pretty good coder (yep) but one of the coolest things I’ve discovered whilst making The Last Gas Station is “visual scripting”. This is like coding and requires a knowledge of programming logic (there’s no getting out of that one!) – but, for the most part, it’s much faster, and you don’t actually have to type anything. 🙂

Visual scripting isn’t built into Unity directly, it’s something you have to “plug in”. I’m using a tool called Playmaker which is fantastic, and already being used by some really great games companies to create cool projects.

Because visual scripting involves linking code together in chunks, it’s also great for telling interactive stories.


For instance, I can ask the reader/player for a response to a situation – say, whether or not to answer the phone when my boyfriend calls – and then adjust the story accordingly depending what the reader/player chooses to do.