One of the many things I’m finding really cool about developing this episode is the way in which I can “pause” the whole thing, make changes, and then “un-pause” it again and carry on. This is all down to me choosing to make the story in Unity, a really powerful (and free!) piece of software.

Being able to live edit and tweak the story as I actually make it is quite weird, but also amazingly useful and helpful.

Let’s say I’m making a sequence where I reply to Dad about how I’m doing with my college assignment – and I spot a spelling mistake (oops) or want to change a few words around to help the language flow better. All I have to do is press “pause”, go back into the Unity editor and tweak the text, then “un-pause” again and boom – there you go, done!

I’ve also been playing around with allowing readers to see my “thoughts” as I reply to various emails and text messages on my gadget as the story unfolds. It’s really curious because sometimes I “delete” what I’ve written and write something else, but you can actually see me do this on screen.

We all do it, right? Start typing an email, a text, or a Facebook post, but then change our minds and delete words, sometimes sentences, and start again. As a storytelling technique, I’m finding this fascinating. My doubts, worries and impulses have a new way of showing through.