Q. The Last Gas Station crashed! Or, I found a bug/error. Who do I tell about this and/or send the crash log file?

A. The Last Gas Station is still in its first release and, although it’s been extensively tested, access to the sheer number of possible hardware and software platforms/configurations it might be run on is simply an impossible task for me! So, if the work crashes on you, or you find that something just isn’t working right, please drop me an email: feedback@inanimatealice.info saying exactly when the crash happened or what the bug is. Be as detailed as you can. Even send screenshots if possible.

Q. When I get to the ‘Subway Glitch Fixing’ section, the episode crashes!

A. This is a bug that seems to affect some readers/players, I’m not sure why yet. To get around it, load the episode, choose ‘Scene Selection’ and then ‘Subway Fix’. This will restart the scene from the beginning which has been known to help.

Q. The episode plays really slowly or staggers a lot when I move around.

A. You must have a dedicated graphics card in your computer, otherwise you’re highly likely to have a very laggy experience moving through the episode and it just won’t be much fun. What does that mean? Well, an integrated graphics card (or graphics processing unit to be posh about it – the GPU) doesn’t use its own RAM; it utilizes the system’s memory instead. A dedicated graphics card has its own independent source of video memory, leaving the RAM your system uses untouched. Integrated graphics is fine for everyday tasks and some 2D games, but it won’t cut it with The Last Gas Station which is told through immersive 3D. If you’re absolutely *sure* you have a dedicated graphics card in your computer, try reducing the screen resolution of the episode on the configuration screen to something like 1280 x 768, or even lower if necessary. The episode will look a bit less beautiful, but may very well run quicker!