Phew, well I thought I’d never get there but… I’VE DONE IT!! I’ve actually made a fully playable and (hopefully) shiny release of my new episode The Last Gas Station, and it’s available NOW! Plus there’s a fantastic music pack (14 tracks) from the story for download, too.

I’m calling this “release one” …but wait: what does that even mean?

Well, because I’m sure I’ll make the episode even cooler the better I get as a storyteller and games designer (and take in what readers say and suggest about it all), I think I should avoid calling this episode “complete” for now?

This doesn’t mean the story ends on a cliff-hanger, or that it crashes halfway through where I haven’t finished it yet or anything. It does mean there will be free episode updates in the future, like improved interactivity, better graphics, story tweaks and extra cool game play-type-stuff that’ll generally make the episode more awesome. 🙂

You can find out more about The Last Gas Station here! It’s been an epic journey for me to get to this stage. I really hope you enjoy it too.